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Access Control System Installation In Raleigh, NC

With recent technological advances, the access control systems on the market today are the best that they ever have been. Raleigh Locksmith Group specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of standalone access control systems, including electronic locks and biometric security systems. Our trained staff is skilled with programming electronic access control systems, and will always ensure that all systems are properly installed and are working correctly. Raleigh Locksmith Group provide a wide range of electronic lock systems, from many different manufacturers – so you’re sure to find the lock or access control system perfect for your security needs, whether you’re working out of a residential or commercial security context. Trust in the expert servicemen at Raleigh to provide the most talented, informative, and helpful service relating to access control systems and electronic locks available anywhere. Note: Our technicians are ready to provide the installation and repair services for your access control systems, surveillance security systems and security camera repair services 24/7 in the Raleigh area.

Access Control for Home & Business in Raleigh, NC

Access control allows for authorized individuals to maintain secure access through parts of your Raleigh business, while keeping all unauthorized individuals out. The range of access control technology includes everything from keypads that lock a particular door, to larger, networked systems that can control doors throughout more than one building. Access control systems make it much easier for you to manage your facility – eliminating the need to replace lost keys, find keys belonging to old employees, or be confused trying to figure out who can access particular areas.

Our Features In Access Control

There’s countless ways to make your access control systems work to you, and your Raleigh businesses benefit. Program timing controls, to decide specifically when particular doors should lock or unlock – useful for doors that you want to be publically accessible sometimes, and only accessible to employees at other times. Track all usage, so you can monitor entrances and exits. Create a graphic template blueprint of your building to customize and change settings for various doors, create new badges for guest or employee access, and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that a battery backup will keep your doors secure even in the event of a blackout or power failure.

Raleigh Locksmith Group provides services:

  • IP Based Access Control
  • Electronic Locks
  • Key Fob Access
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypads
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Key Card Access


Our experts in Raleigh locksmith group can take care for all of your needs from being locked out without a key to getting a new security system feature installed all over the house or your business.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Today most access control brands strive to provide a cloud based interface that allows users to manage the access control system remotely from any computer over the internet and provide access and management capability over any mobile device.

Modern systems include detailed logging, including a timestamp of every event and notifications of activity. These powerful tools provided with the access control system help to improve security, eliminate the use of keys and track the usage and flow of people around the facility.

There are a many choices to consider if you are interested in installing a keyless access system. Keyless entry works with electronic locks, which can be activated in a number of ways. As needed, these various methods of keyless entry can be combined into a unified keyless access system.

Take a look at our Keyless Access Control product offerings to learn more about the types of keyless access products that can be included in the design your system. Of course, a Locksmith Raleigh expert will work with you to make sure your preferences are right for your building size and style. Once you and your partner decide on the type of system you need, we will work with you to install the access components to perfection.

Intercom Systems Installation

Intercom systems are some of the most common security features of homes, apartments, and commercial buildings in Raleigh. Today virtually all apartment buildings and offices have some type of intercom system installed.

Intercom systems allow apartment tenants and commercial security teams to communicate with visitors, manage deliveries, and control access to buildings. They are a vital feature of any secure building. All intercom systems use audio to allow visitors to speak with residents, and today more and more intercom systems also feature video to improve both communication and security.

Beyond just audio and video, today’s smart intercom systems may also feature integration with apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices. These intercom apps work by simultaneously calling to both standalone intercom units and phone apps, making building access control easy for customers, wherever they are. All leading brands such as ABB, Comelit, Aiphone and Seidle offer their own mobile applications for their intercom system integrations.

Modern Intercom System Technology

Another intercom system which has become very popular with new developments and tech savvy management companies is ButterflyMX. This is an IP intercom system that features communication from the entry door or concierge panel over smart phones or tablets which are running on iOS or Android.

The management or building owner enjoy the support of complete management software to enter tenant credentials, allow or limit access, and receive reports of every event with an image of the action or visitor all over the cloud software.

The visitor or delivery person will use the touch panel to find his contact and call over the internet to the tenants device, who can video talk and release the door from their device anywhere they are at the time. In most applications the ButterflyMX system features no apartment unit, so local quality of living has to be considered before upgrading an existing system.

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