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Commercial Lock Installation Services

Your company’s security is a priority. Is your business or warehouse fully protected? If you aren’t using the latest security measures, it’s time for an update! Many commercial clients also want to ensure that their businesses look up-to-date. Since the appearance of your business tells customers a lot about you, make sure that you put your “best foot forward” and shine! Whether your business is in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, or a surrounding area, we have the locksmith solutions you need! We will meet your commercial locksmith needs with excellence. Raleigh locksmith Group Technicians are specifically trained to work on commercial security needs.

Safes And Beyond

A large number of the safes sold in the USA carry no rating,or more specifically, no “Recognized” rating. That means these safes are not held to any recognized industry standard. Sometimes, a manufacturer will even make up their own rating system and apply it to their own safe. When a product bears a “Theft Resistant” rating, this simply means that the safe has some sort of a locking mechanism on it. Compliance with industry recognized ratings is voluntary, but when a manufacturer chooses to it can benefit the consumer by providing valuable information on a safe’s construction or performance.

Industry Recognized Safe Ratings

There are two rating categories that are used to rate a safe. These I’m are known as Construction ratings, and Performance ratings. Construction ratings assess the safe’s physical characteristics. Performance ratings test the safe’s ability to withstand an attack.

Construction Ratings For Safes

The Construction Class Rating category represents a non-standardized industry rating system. Manufacturers are not bound to any enforceable, documented standards. These ratings are never verified. Listed below, is a partial list of the more commonly used construction rating classes. Class B Rating– These Safes typically have between 3/16” and ¼” thick steel bodies and ½” thick steel doors. Class B/C Rating– These safes typically have ¼” thick steel bodies and 1” thick steel doors, with an added metal layer (10-12 gauge range) that encompasses a fire resistant composite material. Class C Rating– These safes typically have ½” thick steel bodies and 1” thick steel doors. Note- some safes will offer a C rated door on a B rated body. This is sometimes offered in floor safes, since the body of the safe is to be set into concrete. Class E Rating– These safes typically have 1” thick steel bodies and 1 1/2” thick steel doors.

The Construction Ratings system can be both confusing and, at times, misleading to a consumer. Safes that are rated at the same class level can vary greatly in the actual security they provide. All of these classes can offer a product ranging from a hinged lock box to a safe that includes more advanced features such as strong plate, relockers, and deadbolts. Some manufacturers will employ methods to reduce their cost and lower the price of their products. To illustrate, lets look at the thickness of the steel listed under the various class ratings. These numbers can reflect the Actual Thickness or a Combined Thickness. For example, a safe manufacturer who produces a Class E Rated safe might elect to use two ½” thick steel side panels that sandwich another material (I.e. Fire resistant drywall), rather than use a solid 1” piece of steel. Brand and product familiarity are important when shopping for a safe. Having a better understanding of the product and the way it was constructed can help in making a more informed decision.

Locksmith Raleigh: Licensed & Insured

Our locksmith services includes access control systems, maglocks, CCTV surveillance, master keys, security audits and much more. If you need cabinet locks repaired or installed, we are there for you. When you need safes and GSA locksmith, you don’t have to go anywhere else. For all your locks, safes, vaults, access control, digital locks, key Fobs and other security needs in your office or store, call us now for free estimate (919) 372-3667.

We offer a full range of commercial locksmith services: panic bar and ADA compliant door closer installation, high traffic locks, fire exit devices, and standard and electronic safe services. Call today to find out more ways we can help keep your business secure.

Some of the Raleigh commercial locksmith services we provide:

  • Lock Rekey and Master Keying
  • Hardware Installation
  • Do Not Duplicate Keys
  • Panic Bars
  • File Cabinet Keys
  • Electronic Lock Installation & Electronic Latch
  • Restricted Key Control Systems
  • Latch and Door Reinforcement
  • Access Control System
  • Digital Locks
  • Key Fobs
  • Cabinet Locks, Repair & Install
  • Safe Unlocking
  • Vault Opening
  • Locker Keys & Opening
  • Alarm Systems
  • High-Security Locks
  • Hardware Installation

For your peace of mind and security of your business, our locksmith professionals have the necessary training and experience to handle all types of emergencies. We are a licensed, insured, local and family-owned and operated Locksmith Raleigh.

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A lock’s performance is related to its durability. However, it is also important that locks are correctly installed. We offer the sturdy, technologically advanced locks and bolts. Our team further tightens security by introducing advanced lock and key mechanisms. You can be assured that our engineers are highly trained. Contact Raleigh Locksmith Group to get the job done correctly! Also, if our engineers feel that your security needs an upgrade, they will offer a custom security solution accordingly. Remember, the security of your home or business means everything to us.

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