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Because of constant use, atmospheric exposure, or a number of other factors, a safe can become damaged over time. When this happens, the safe’s ability to keep important items secure becomes compromised. In these situations, it’s important to have a trained professional repair the safe back to its optimal working condition. Our trusted locksmith team is capable of offering our high-quality repair services that are able to cover all types of damage for your safe.In addition to safe repair, we’re also able to open your safe in case you find yourself unable to open it through regular means. Just like with any other lock, if enough pressure is applied to it, a safe will open. However, this is a bad idea since this forceful approach will likely compromise the effectiveness of the safe in the long run. We’re able to use our technical expertise to open the safe in a protective way, and without causing damage to your safe or any of your valuables that are inside of it. Most locksmiths are not safe technicians. It is a common misconception that the same person who rekeys your locks, can also break into a safe. In reality, a certified safe technician or “safe cracker” is a very specialized skill set. Here at Locksmith Raleigh, we have safe technicians on staff, who are able to diagnose mechanical failures, make the appropriate repairs and when all else fails, drill a safe open. If you are in need of a certified and skilled safe technician, our locksmiths are ready to get to work!

Our Safe Locksmith Services

You may not know that Locksmith Raleigh also works with residential and commercial safes. Trust our professional locksmiths for installation, maintenance and unlocking services. Safes have been used for thousands of years throughout the world as a way for individuals and businesses alike to protect their most valuable items. Today, modern safes and vaults are more technologically advanced than ever before, making them next to impossible for thieves to crack. However, if your safe has stopped being useful for one reason or another, needs maintenance in order to bring it up to industry standards, or you need a new safe installed, we are is here to help. Do you own a personal or professional safe that you can no longer open for one reason or another? Our safe opening service can assist you. Whether the safe has suffered some type of mechanical breakdown, electronic keypad malfunction, or some combination of the two, our highly skilled technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and offer you options for resolving the problem at hand.

Troubleshooting With A Safe That does not open

The first thing to do is check the handle and door. The handle should wiggle a little and the door should have a small amount of play so that it can be moved in and out slightly. Anything that might seem too snug might be a cause of “Back pressure” and even if the lock is ready to unlock, parts that would need to move freely inside the door cannot move because they are being held by what we will call “Back pressure”. Try pushing in on the door while wiggling the handle or putting more pressure on the handle in the direction it normally locks or moving the handle so it seems to be in a more neutral position that is no longer putting “Back pressure” on the lock bolt could help. Next we can try to determine if it is the lock actually malfunctioning. An indication of a lock malfunctioning could be that after the combination is dialed correctly, the dial stops, but it does not stop at the usual number and the safe is not opening. This can also be the result of “Back pressure” and could be other things as well. Try moving the handle while turning the dial at the same time. When wiggling the handle does not free up the dial to allow turning it to the opening number and unlocking the safe, you should stop and call a skilled safe technician because there are other problems.

Safe Repair, Safe Opening, or Safe Cracking

Carefully pick your safe cracker, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. If your safe key is lost or the safe combination is not known, our technicians can get into the safe more often than not while protecting the integrity of the safe. The goal of safe cracking is to open the safe without damaging the safe or its contents. In difficult situations, drilling is needed to gain entry and a technician that is not properly trained will most likely ruin the product and it will be rendered useless thereafter. Raleigh locksmith Group invested in specialized safe opening equipment such as a safe auto dialer that help open safes without damage. How Do You Want Your Safe to Open? Safes can be opened in multiple ways: with a key, with a dial combination, keypad combination, or with biometric capabilities. All types of safe opening devices have advantages and disadvantages and Secure Lock and Alarm can explain them to you in detail.

Expert Raleigh Opening Service

Safes are essential protections for valuable items like cash, jewelry, documents, files, and any other item of value. If you’re experiencing a lockout from the safe at your home or workplace, you can rely on us here at Locksmith Raleigh to provide you with direct-to-location professional safe opening and repair service. Regardless of the reason you’re locked out of your safe – whether there’s a mechanical issue or a human mistake, our master safe opening technicians will get your safe open with the safest and least damaging methods possible, starting with dial maneuvering and lock scopint to open your safe with no damage. In situations where this is not possible, we can still open the safe utilizing our diamond drills. You can count on the team here at Locksmith Raleigh to get your safes open in no time at all – simply give us a call!

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