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Moved into a new home in Raleigh or the surrounding area? Lost your house key? Is one of your locks not working properly or maybe your locks are simply getting old and you want a change. Front Range Locksmith offers a wide variety of lock changing services throughout the Raleigh area, We are also the only company in Raleigh that offers a 24 hour emergency lock replacement service. Which locks can we change? In all of our years in business there has never been a lock we weren’t able to replace. From unique sliding door locks to commercial push bars, old rare mechanisms and uncommon designs and finishes, we can always find either an identical lock to the one you currently have or a similar one. If the lock you are looking for is made by a brand we don’t carry in stock – we will order it from one of our suppliers and come back to install it while assuring your home or business stays secured while we do.

Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks?

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There are many benefits when you choose to rekey locks over installing new locks. First, it is often less costly because the hardware on your doors does not need removing. The process involves fewer working hours and can be done quickly. You won’t need to repaint your doors or worry about finding a newer lock to match your already designed décor. If you require several locks to be rekeyed, the right rekeying experts can advise you as to how many locks should be rekeyed, the associated costs, and the work required. The process is simple and much less stressful than changing out locks. Rekeying a lock is as good as having a new and improved lock, and it is a lot more cost-effective than trying to replace it. Need to rekey or replace locks for your home? Rekeying your lock is relatively straightforward. If you are not familiar with the rekey process, rekeying is merely changing the interior of the lock, allowing it to now be operated by a new, different key. Rekeying eliminates access from the original key without affecting the lock’s exterior appearance. Rekeying can be completed on a home, office building, or even a vehicle’s lock, helping you enjoy peace of mind that no one, aside from authorized individuals, have access to their personal property. The process is inexpensive and can save you time, money, and potential heartache. Ask about Raleigh Locksmith Rekeying Special that offers our rekeying services for as low as $19 per lock! Raleigh Locksmith is proud to offer our trusted and affordable rekey services. We also offer key replacement and critical copies for your residential, commercial, and Automotive properties.

Commercial Lock Repair, Replacement, And Security

When you have a business, break-ins are only one of your concerns. With employee theft accounting for 44% of retail loss, you want to prevent unauthorized key duplication that allows off-hours access by employees or others. At Raleigh locksmith Group, we carry a line of ASSA and MIWA locks to improve security. The ASSA products have a key control system that allows only authorized signers to request keys. As Raleigh only authorized MIWA lock provider, we can offer you a virtually un-pickable magnetic locking system! Easy to use and highly durable, MIWA locks are a clear choice for the security-conscious business owner. They are some of the industry’s finest and most reliable locks on the market today, and we are proud to offer this brand of high-quality, precision lock hardware. If you want to restrict access to areas of the building to certain employees, Locksmith Raleigh. can Master Key your business to keep office staff out of the warehouse and janitors out of the storeroom, while you can access all areas. If your staff changes or you lose a key, we can change the lock core and provide new keys. Lock rekeying is more cost effective than replacing all of the lock hardware.

Raleigh Lock Changing Services

Technicians from Locksmith Services Longmont have years of experience with both residential and commercial lock changing services. The difference between changing locks and rekeying is that rekeying a lock will keep the lock hardware, only changing the key. A lock change replaces the hardware entirely. Lock changing services are good for many reasons – replacing faulty locks, changing style, or simply to increase security. With substandard locks people will receive substandard security, and poor security can potentially make it easy for criminals to gain easy access. Keep commercial properties and homes safe from intruders by ensuring that locks are properly maintained and have modern security. Homeowners and businesses that aren’t sure where to start in regards to changing out locks can consult with our specialists for tailored security solutions that fit your needs and budget. We can install new locks, replace old locks, work on electronic locks, and much more. Book online or call now for same day lock changing services in Raleigh.

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