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Smart Locks For Your Home

If you’ve ever left your home and wondered whether or not you remembered to lock the front door, worried about your kids losing your house keys at school, or wanted a way to give a contractor, friend, or family member access to your home while you’re away, smart locks could be a great option for you. Here at Locksmith Raleigh, we provide professional smart lock installation for homeowners in Raleigh who want to enjoy the safety and convenience that comes with having keyless entry door locks. We can help you choose the right keyless locks for your home, whether you are looking for high-quality push button locks from Schlage Locks, are in the market for the latest WiFi locks, or need us to provide you with emergency smart lock repair service. When you’re considering whether to replace your house locks with keyless entry door locks, it’s important to understand the differences between pushbutton locks and smart locks. Push button locks, such as the type made by Schlage Locks, use a battery-powered turning mechanism that is connected to the lock cylinder. When the correct pin code is typed into the keypad that is mounted to the outside of the door, the mechanism turns the lock to the open position, allowing access to your home. To lock the door again, simply hit the ‘lock’ key. These type of keyless locks are not considered to be “smart locks” because they cannot be controlled through your smartphone or another Internet-enabled device. By comparison, smart locks, also known as WiFi locks, can be controlled using a mobile app, giving you a way to lock and unlock your house from anywhere in the world where you have WiFi or mobile data service. These types of keyless locks can be linked to whole-home systems that may include controls for your thermostat, security cameras, lighting, and small appliances, making smart lock installation a popular choice among homeowners who want access to the latest in home automation technologies.

Smart Locks For Better Security & Convenience

At Raleigh locksmith Group, our mission is to provide high-quality security services to home and business owners throughout the country. Every member of our team of certified, experienced locksmiths is proficient in a wide range of security techniques and technologies, and we work with every customer to design a comprehensive security solution that perfectly suits their unique needs. Traditional lock & key hardware has been the gold standard in security for centuries, and still provide an effective method for home and business security – but they’re far from the only option.

Better Security, Unmatched Convenience Opening your door with your smartphone is no longer an idea from science fiction. Smart locks harness advanced digital security technology to make the process of entering your home or business more convenient while improving your security. Instead of a traditional lock and key, smart locks use a variety of techniques – commonly smartphone apps or pin-codes – to help you easily and conveniently enter your home or business. With a smart lock, all you need to do to get into your house is open and app and press a button – and you never have to worry about losing your key, locking yourself out, or having a key stolen from you.

Wireless Locks That Open Automatically

The ability to remotely control access to their home is for many people the biggest benefit of a smart lock. If you have ever wished you could let your cleaner, delivery driver, or visiting relative into your home without being there yourself, you will love this feature. Some smart locks use keypads to allow these people to gain access to your home with a temporary code. Others allow you to remotely lock and unlock the door using a smartphone app.

Imagine you arrive home from a difficult day at the office. You haul your weekend paperwork out of the trunk. Now imagine that instead of having to fumble in your pocket for your keys, the door to your home opens automatically to welcome you in. You can still use your key as a backup method of access, but on a daily basis smart locks can detect your presence using your phone and unlock automatically to let you in. When you decide that smart locks are right for you, it is always best to get them installed by a real local locksmith. Local residential locksmiths provide a professional service, with all the work carried out by technicians who have been through extensive training. If you are not satisfied with the work, you can be sure that your local locksmith will return swiftly to put things right. To find out about the options for smart lock installation in your local area, contact (919) 372-3667 today.

Best Keypad Door Lock For Your Home

The best electronic, keyless and keypad door locks for your home will depend on your needs and requirements. How many people are in your home? Do you have regular guests or house cleaning and maintenance providers that will need access? Or, do you offer short term rental at your home or property that requires guests to have their own access codes? Our professional locksmith technicians can discuss your options and recommend the best lock brand with the features you require. With features available such as programmable keypads, smart locks with z-wave technology that lets you remotely monitor and lock or unlock from your phone, or high security locks with Bluetooth, touchscreens and fingerprint access, there are some great lock options available. Schlage and Kwikset are popular brands that have many different models to choose from with prices generally ranging from $50 to $300 depending on the lock features. If you know what you want yo can either pre-purchase a lock and we can install it or we can help you choose the best lock for you, purchase and install it for you.

It’s time to move on to smart locks for your apartment

Landlords are among the first parties to receive that angsty phone call from tenants who experience an accidental lock-out. The causes for unintentional lock-outs are multitudinous: a key has gone missing, the key has broken off in the lock, tenants went out to walk the dog and left the key behind…there are umpteen reasons why a tenant may find themselves locked out of their apartment. Are digital locks the solution to these nettlesome situations? Maybe. Before making a decision, it’s better to start with the objective view of digital locks, or “smart locks,” in rental properties to understand the potential pros and cons of switching to this new type of security system.

What Are Smart Locks? Smart locks are the blanket term for any entry system – either the turning mechanism or the entire deadbolt assembly – that’s connected to the Internet. They can range in features and sophistication from basic models that resemble an old-fashioned deadbolt to slick products that would fit right in on the shelves of the Apple Store. With the range of available smart locks comes a range of prices that landlords will pay for installing them in their properties. Smart locks allow homeowners and renters to leave home without bringing their keys. Getting back in requires either a few taps on a keypad or unlocking the system remotely with a smartphone app. Some smart locks can cater to short-term rentals or vacation rentals, where the app behind the smart lock generates a one-time keycode that expires in a set number of hours (or days if needed).

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