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Raleigh locksmith Group might be one of the newer companies in the area, but we’ve already helped hundreds of people install and repair locks, set up better security systems for their homes and offices and assisted people to get back into their homes, offices and cars after they locked themselves out. We offer a range of different locksmith services, including lock rekeying – and our company services all of Raleigh and surrounding areas. If you want to know why we’re one of the best locksmith companies to get in touch with, just keep reading to find out more about our services – or hire us and find out for yourself. Maybe you need our rekey service because you’ve had a key break off inside a lock, or maybe you’ve lost the original key for the lock and still want to keep the lock itself intact. We might be talking about a regular house lock, or we might be talking about some more specialized work like a vintage lock: We can help, and we’re one of the only locksmith companies who send out a team the same day.

Raleigh’s #1 Emergency Lockout Service

Need help with a break-in repair, a re-key, lock change, master key, high security locks, deadbolt, or more? Our master Residential locksmiths best—are here to help. We also offer solutions for High security locks, access control solutions, master key systems, complete commercial locksmith services, safe opening, combination changes, re-keys—and just about everything that takes a key. We know you need licensed, bonded and insured experts for commercial, residential and auto locksmith services and products. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians and master locksmiths will be happy to help you today.

Here Are 3 Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks:

Saving Money

One of the key benefits of rekeying your locks is that it is much cheaper than the option of replacing the locks in your home. If you replace your locks, you will have to pay for new deadbolts and handles besides possibly having to make modifications to your doors to accept the new locks. Rekeying follows a simple process. The locks are first removed from the doors or handles and the pins removed. The original pins are then replaced with new ones in a different configuration and then reinstalled on your doors. The old keys will not be able to open the door any longer, since only the new one can. Rekeying is thus a cheaper and less time-consuming option. If you’re looking for a local locksmith to rekey your locks you’ve come to the right place.

One Key, Multiple Locks

If you are tired of carrying around several keys to open multiple doors, rekeying can be an excellent idea. With rekeying, different locks in your house can be changed so that all of them are opened by just one key. The locksmith can configure the pins on all your locks in the same way so that the new house key works on all of them. With this you will have complete control over your keys and won’t have to deal with the hassle of bringing or trying to find the right key.

Keep the Existing Hardware

Rekeying your locks also offers the benefit of being able to retain your existing door locks and handles. If you replace a lock, you need to dispose of the hardware, which may have matched the exterior of your home as well as the doors. Finding the right hardware to replace your current hardware can be costly and it is even possible that you won’t find a similar design on the market. With rekeying, you will not have to worry about all of that. You get to keep your current hardware.

Replace Your Locks with premium service

Have you misplaced/lost your keys and are concerned that someone will have easy access to your property? If so, it’s probably time for a lock change.Securing your home, car, or business starts with securing your locks.If you are looking for a lock change, and would like to receive efficient and affordable service, Raleigh Locksmith is the right place for you. Locksmith Raleigh technicians are experienced and ready for a lock change.Call us and one of our locksmiths will be at your service for a quick lock change. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We vow to deliver the highest standards of safety, skill, and integrity. while providing you with premium service.Raleigh Locksmith is a national brand with years of experience in the locksmith, locked out, and security services industry, ready for your lock change at any time.

Rekey is different from a lock change. While in a lock change, the tech changes the whole locking mechanism, in Rekey jobs, techs usually take out the cylinder of the lock, and change the pin combination to a new one. Keys are supplied to match the new cylinder combination, and additional keys are available upon request.

Fast And Relaible Services

Our dispatchers at Raleigh Locksmith are available 24 hours a day to discuss any situation with you. Most people don’t give their security system much thought until there is a problem. Raleigh Locksmith understand your security needs and will work to keep your family and property safe. Just having one door that won’t lock properly is a security hazard today. Our technicians have undergone training so they can grade your current security situation and give advice or design a complete security system for you. We offer the most competitive pricing in Raleigh. We will keep your home or business safe. We’ll do it economically, and we’ll do it right! If you need extra keys for existing locks or re-keying, we are your #1 service supplier in the area. We can supply virtually any type of key. Our mobile key-cutting service provides fast solutions for your new key needs. Master Locksmith Raleigh provides security solutions for automobiles, commercial business, and residential homes. No matter what the problem is, call us and find out why we provide the best solutions in your area, We offer the highest quality in residential, commercial, Automotive, and emergency locksmith services available. Our technicians are ready to provide solutions for you at a moment’s notice. Our stock is constantly updated, and our service vehicles are always equipped with the most up to date technology and hardware from all the top brands. We guarantee the service you receive is the best available anywhere. Let’s face it, when you need a locksmith in Raleigh, you don’t want to keep waiting.

Protect Your Home Locks

We hardly ever think about the importance of our locks until the day they no longer work. Our locks keep us safe from harm. The locks on your car prevent someone from walking up, breaking in, and stealing your car, or worse carjacking you and whatever passengers you have in your vehicle. Your home locks protect all your belongings and your family from outsiders who do not belong inside and may be there to harm you, your family, or steal your property. Keys can break, locks can jam, and to bring back the safety you feel when they are all working correctly, you need to hire a licensed Raleigh rekey service company who can repair your locks in record time. Are You The Only Ones With Access To Your Home? We think about the situations the public may not consider such as having all the locks rekeyed on your new home. Did you ever think about how someone had the keys to your new home or rental before you? It is a good idea to have your locks rekeyed before you move into your new home because you have no idea the character of the person who had once lived there. Your home locks protect all your belongings and your family from outsiders who do not belong inside and may be there to harm you, your family, or steal your property. Keys can break, locks can jam, and to bring back the safety you feel when they are all working correctly, you need to hire a licensed Raleigh rekey service company who can repair your locks to a brand new state in record time.

Have you recently moved to a new home? One of the best actions to take that is often overlooked by homeowners is rekeying their locks on their house, garage, shed or other outbuildings. Our professional residential Raleigh locksmiths can rekey old locks to operate with new keys or one single master key. This adds security against unwanted intrusion and provides increased convenience. Keeping your home safe at all hours of the day is of utmost importance to nearly all home and property owners. Employ the proper measures of security for one of your largest assets (your home) by having ample locks to keep you and your family safe. Whether you need urgent service after accidentally locking yourself out of your house or are considering installing a new lock on your garage door, our technicians are ready to help! Give us a call at (919) 584-9092 or request service to speak with our team today.

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