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Residential Locksmith Angier, NC

We would highly recommend rekeying or changing all your door locks. The reason is very simple: many people might have the key to your new home or business: tradesmen, friends of the previous owner, previous tenants, etc. Why put your security in their hands? Get the peace of mind you deserve! Having your locks re-keyed by our professional at Locksmith Angier will insure that correct re-keying procedures have been followed.

Rekeying is the process of modifying a lock so that a different key can operate it while the old one will not. Rekeying is done by changing the configuration inside the lock. The nice thing about rekeying is that it can be done without replacing the lock itself which makes it a more affordable solution.<./p>

At Locksmith Angier NC we have serviced literally thousands of residential customers. We work with many realtors as well as homeowners on every project from the smallest to largest. Rekeying is generally the bulk of the services requested. Here is a breakdown on what is involved with rekeying a home

Reasons for rekeying a residence could be the purchase of a new home, locks that are not operating properly, different keys for every door in the house, lost keys, need for additional locks or possibly a domestic situation. Scheduling a home rekey is requested but not required. In most cases we can provide same day service. Call Locksmith Angier (919) 584-9092 to get free estimate

Automotive Locksmith Angier, NC

It is always unpleasant and frustrating to have automotive lock issues. One can end up stranded on the road when you are in a haste to get somewhere important. Fortunately, the professionals at Angier Locksmith are skilled in resolving automotive locksmith issues by swiftly navigating to the location of your car in order to render the immediate service that you need. We can solve any issues ranging from broken keys, emergency lockouts, misplaced keys, malfunctioning ignitions, and any other problems that are affecting your ability to drive.

Whenever you lose or misplace your car keys or in the even that it breaks, be sure to give us a call Angier Locksmith NC. We have the necessary tools to instantly reproduce the keys on the spot thereby reducing cost and eliminating the need of towing your vehicle to your automotive dealer. While car issues can happen within a moment, we can help resolve this issue as soon as possible thereby allowing you to continue your journey. Angier Locksmith Service provides

Car key duplication
Car key programming
Emergency car lockout service
Broken key extractions
Transponder keys
Replacement of lost car keys, and a host of others.
Whether you need spare key or need a Key Fob Programming/Emergency Trunk Lock Outs quickly, we are happy to help 24/7, call Locksmith Angier now at (919) 584-9092.

Safe Security Services

We install reliable and robust residential and commercial safes and vaults that offer you one of the surest protections for your properties. Our safes are ideal for homes, banks, storage facilities, retail stores, warehouses, and all other business assets. You can request for a customized electronic lock configuration for your dial configuration. Our safe and vault services include:

Safe delivery and installation
Secure safe and vault extraction services
Realigning and combination configuration
Safe and vault maintenance
Safe cracking by authorized technicians
Our safe cracking services are executed experienced, highly skilled technicians who have been fully certified by the relevant government authorities. They have a vast amount of experience in unlocking high-security safes for banks, government, ATM owners, and many other residential and commercial clients. In most cases, vaults and safes exhibit the highest level of security after they have been thoroughly accessed and repaired by our highly skilled technicians. However, we use only techniques recommended or approved by the world’s major vault safe engineers and manufacturers. We are capable of executing the following safe-cracking mechanisms which include:

Media Safes
Fire Safes
Gun Safes
U.S. Government Security Containers and Safes
Bank Vaults and Night Depositories, and a host of others.

Key Cutting and Duplication Services

One of the worst things that can ever happen to anyone is discovering you have lost your keys to your car, house, or office, especially when you have important things to do. If you need to replace a damaged key or need a spare set cut to the desired sizes or shapes, or you have lost your keys, our service is committed to providing a convenient and fast way of solving your problem.

We have been certified by GSA and other relevant government authorities to execute these tasks. We use the certified methods of installing, repairing, servicing, diagnosing, certifying, and troubleshooting GSA Vaults, Containers, and Locks. Our key cutting and duplication services include the following

Basic and advanced key cutting
Key duplication and remodeling
Rekeying of existing locks
Installation of locks used in your home
Program chip keys
Car keys
Remote reprogramming services
Auto smart keys

Commercial Locksmith Angier, NC

ATM machines: Service, open and repair all makes. (safe container only) Safes and Vault doors: Service and repair of all makes & models. This includes fire safes, burglar safes, antique safes, contemporary safes, money chests, jeweler safes and bank vaults.

Locksmith Angier provides a wide range of services and products to commercial customers. From simple rekeying to a complex master key system, door closers, exit hardware, Detex Exit Alarms, Panic Devices, repairs and installation of lock hardware.

Recommendations for Greater Security
Free Estimates for Commercial Customers
Net 30 Day Billing For Commercial Accounts
Are you looking for safe movers? We have the experience and the equipment. Some of the equipment we have is a safe moving trailer, pallet jacks, straps, assortment of wooden blocks, cushioned blankets, metal corner protectors are just some of the tools we will use.

Professional Re-Keying Services

There are many circumstances when you should consider having you business locks re-keyed.

When you first move in
If you have lost your keys
If your keys have been stolen
If your employees quit or have been fired
If any unauthorized persons have had control of your keys
Having your locks re-keyed will insure that your have control of who has keys to your business. Having your locks re-keyed by a professional locksmith will insure that correct re-keying procedures have been followed.

When you need a new door lock installation in your businesses contact Locksmith Angier at (919) 584-9092.

Commercial Locksmith Angier Services

Angier Locksmith commercial access and control services offer the most sophisticated security systems for the office, warehouse, retail, storage facility, or building. Our commercial access and control services include access control readers, doors, gates, and other devices that will offer the right solution to help supervise, regulate, and monitor access for employee and visitor management. To further convince you of our capability and integrity, we are certified by different regulatory locksmith bodies in the US as a leader in Alarm Systems, Electronic Access Control, and all other parts of locks.

Our Commercial Access and Control Systems services include the following:

The latest technology for superior access control and management
Stopping unauthorized access
Control Zones to limit employee access to restricted areas
Traffic updates
Entry/exit time indicator for employee or departments
Manage the system yourself, or we can do it for you
Manage access information
Biometric access control, using identity commands based on an individual’s physical features.
Physical access control, using mobile vehicle barriers, gates, etc.

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