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Experienced, licensed and insured with an experience of more than 12 years.

Our Wake Forest Residential Locksmith Team

We have an experienced, talented team of local locksmiths Raleigh can count on! If you live in Wake Forest or the surrounding area, let us be your first choice in security. After all, our customers are our priority, and we carefully select local, experienced pros to meet your needs.

  • Because your safety comes first, the Raleigh locksmith Group team members receive background checks.
  • Each technician at Raleigh Locksmith Group undergoes thorough technical training. Our employees have top-notch, proven industry experience.
  • Every member of our team has thorough knowledge of latest security technology. Furthermore, they understand how to use and install advanced products.
  • Raleigh Locksmith Group provides locksmith specialty services. The technicians on our team have mastered Automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith tools and procedures.
  • Our experts are committed to providing timely, excellent customer services at affordable prices.

Mailbox Lock Installation and Replacement

A locking mailbox can keep prying eyes away from your sensitive information, but it can also keep you locked out if you lose your key. Although we can unlock your mailbox, an open lock defeats the purpose of securing your mail. If you need to replace your mailbox lock completely, our residential locksmiths can help with that, too. We can also install a new lock on your mailbox.

Trustworthy Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

Raleigh Locksmith NC Law Group Provide Professional, Reliable Solutions under licensed and bonded in the state of North Carolina. Every North Carolina locksmith company is required by law to operate under a professional license granted at the state level. Since companies without licenses are not allowed to perform locksmith work without a license from the NC Locksmith Licensing Board, you should never hire an unlicensed locksmith. Furthermore, NC locksmith licenses must be up-to-date. This means that you are reassured of ongoing locksmith training. It’s important to work with locksmiths who have continuous experience in the field. You also want the most updated techniques when it comes to securing your car, home, or vehicle.

Raleigh Locksmith Group Are trusted security locksmith needs.

Count on us to provide expert security solutions. You will be satisfied by the customer-focused performance of our highly trained engineers,We dedicate our work to Wake Forest, NC, and understand how versatile that requires us to be as well as our affordable prices. The highly valued customers of Raleigh Locksmith Group rely on us for the most innovative, long-term solutions to their locksmith problems. We have expertly served Wake Forest and the surrounding area for a decade.

Emergency Lockout Service For Your Home

How many times have you rushed out of the front door on the way to work only to realize you’ve locked your keys in the house? We’ve all done it at one time or another, but luckily we can help! Our highly-experienced locksmiths will come to your house, pick your front door lock quickly and get you back inside. Our technicians are highly-skilled, and picking a lock properly will not damage the lock or the door. Beware of scammer locksmiths who say the only solution is to drill out the existing lock and replace it with a new one. They’re only in it for quick money, and they often charge a lot more than their initial quote.

Locksmith Raleigh is the uncontested leader of lock forging, installations, replacements, and repairs on the Locksmith Raleigh market. We currently provide a vast array of locks and locking mechanisms for our diverse Locksmith Raleigh at competitive prices. Locksmith Raleigh provides lock picking services and can pick any lock or breach any security system or network-regardless of complexity-without damaging the mainframe, lock, or the contents within. Below are just some of the Locksmith Raleigh locks and lock related services that Locksmith Raleigh provides:

Deadbolt locks: Locksmith Raleigh provides both single and double cylinder deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are more resistant than spring bolt locks because they cannot be retracted unless the lock cylinder itself is rotated. This is in stark contrast to a spring bolt lock that uses a spring to hold it in place. Thus, an intruder could extract it by pulling on the spring bolt with sufficient force. In addition to formidable resistance against intruders deadbolt locks also require a key to open. Moreover, Locksmith Raleigh can provide vertical deadbolt locks that are completely resistant to lock jimmying thieves.

Gate Locks: We provide several different gate lock variants including slide bolts, key based gate locks, and spring latches. Slide bolts latches are found on the interior part of the gate only. You would need to manually slide the bolt to close the gate. Key based gate locks, however, are found on the outer part of the gate and lock automatically as soon as you close the gate behind you. They, evidently, require an actual key to open. In addition, Locksmith Raleigh provides spring latch gate locks which use a sturdy coiled spring to bind both components together, allowing for easy in and outdoor access. However, we provide you with a switch that you can use if you want to keep the gate locked from the inside.

Window Locks: We currently provide 4 different window locks, namely, folding locks (open only slightly), hinged wedge locks (lock adjustable window access), keyed sash locks (require a key to open), and window latch locks (most common window lock on the Locksmith Raleigh market). Sliding Door Locks: Locksmith Raleigh provides several different sliding door locks including aluminium, digital, brass, glass, deadbolt, biometric, zinc alloy, key based, and magnetic locks.

High Security Cylinder Locks: We also provide high security cylinder locks with over 50,000 combinations possible, in addition to high security repair and installation services that come with a warranty.

We are also proudly Google Guaranteed.

This means that we have passed important safety and quality screenings for locksmiths. In order to become Google Guaranteed, locksmiths must pass each of the following minimum qualifications:

  • Business check
  • Owner check
  • Service professional check
  • General liability insurance
  • Business license on state level
  • Owner license on state level

Our specially trained and certified professionals can handle all of your needs from being locked out to getting a new security system feature installed.

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Raleigh Locksmith Group is a local licensed lockout service provider specializing in offering 24 hours of emergency lockout services and a wide array of residential, commercial, Automotive and car key replacment services.

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